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Gold and tortoiseshell cello bow

Silver and ebony cello bow

Gold and ebony cello bow

Silver and ebony viola bow

Silver and ebony violin bow


Robert Pierce bows are played in many parts of the world. Normally no deposit is required to commission a bow. Sometimes it is possible to try more than one bow for comparison. Contact is best made by email: rpbows@gmail.com

Brief CV

Born in Ireland, Robert Pierce played for 12 years with the Radio Symphony Orchestra in Dublin until 1984 when his fascination with bow making superseded his career as a cellist. Winning the California Gold Medal in the RDS National Craft Competition in Dublin then enabled him to make his first contacts with the French tradition of bow making.

Since 1988 he has worked as a bow maker in Brussels where the influences of the many great French bows that have passed through his workshop over the years are essentially reflected in his choice of wood and the way his bows perform. In Strad International bow making competitions in Manchester, his bows won awards for best playing bow on two consecutive occasions.

He was also much involved in setting up the ATELIER FLAGEY in Brussels to promote the work of contemporary European violin and bow makers.

He is an elected member of GLAAF ( Groupe des Luthiers et Archetiers d’Art de France), a member of the board of KLANGGESTALTEN and  is an active member of the IPCI (International Pernambuco Conservation Iniative).